The Undeserved Gift

daughter & dad

daughter & dad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part Three

Grace is something most of us will spend our entire lives trying to understand. What is grace? How has Christ bestowed grace upon all of His children? Then when we can somewhat begin to grasp these concepts, how do we teach our children about grace?

In Ephesians 2:8 Paul writes, For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God”

He is clearly telling God’s people that Jesus hasn’t saved us because we are sinless. Christ knows that we are all sinners. He see’s our hearts and the sin that lies within, however He still loves us and offers us a new life in Him. Do we deserve it? No. Paul describes grace in an amazing way; he calls it a gift. That is what grace is for a sinful world; a gift.

How can we take this concept of grace and share it with our children in a way they will understand? I don’t only want my kids to know what grace is, but how Christ has given us all grace and has forgiven us.

Here are a few ways we can teach our children about grace.

Have grace with your spouse.

Children are always looking to their parents to find out how to do things. They want to be just like mom and dad, even if they don’t go out of their way to say so. In a marriage, you become so close to your spouse that you know exactly what buttons to push to set the other one off. You also know precisely what they need when they have had a bad day.

When your spouse does something that bothers you, it’s easy to respond in frustration and lash out. The next time you are in this situation, think about how much you will be able to teach your child by responding in love, humility, and forgiveness. Your children will be able to see what an undeserved grace looks like.

Show grace to your children.

In parenting books and seminars, you learn a golden rule, “consistency is the key.” As a parent, I can attest the validity to this. When your children see you being consistent with discipline, they know there is a standard of behavior they must follow. This standard will begin to cement in their foundation and as they grow, they will continue to follow this.

However, when you teach your child grace, you break the golden rule. For example, the next time your child disobeys, don’t give them a consequence. Instead tell them, “You disobeyed and did something I asked you not to. You should get in trouble, but I am going to show you grace like Christ has shown all of us.” This is a great opportunity to share an undeserved gift with our children.

We are all sinners and deserve death, but Christ has given us all grace and has forgiven us of all our transgressions.


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