How Young is too Young?


At what age can I read my children the bible?

I have heard many parents ponder this question. It seems likes something so simple, yet we all wonder what the right answer is. Every parent has their own opinion. Some think that you shouldn’t read kids the bible until they are old enough to understand and other start them off in the womb.

We at Christ Church, are strong advocates in raising your children to hear the Word from day one.

We as parents, are the ones that start our children’s routines. We teach them when dinner is, what time to go to bed, how often to brush their teeth. Why not train them from day one, to read their Bibles?

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”
Psalm 119:105

Our children grow up, searching for answers. We need to remind them where to turn daily. Reading the Bible is a very simple step in teaching our children that Christ is the answer and the way.

You can read to them during feedings, before bed time, or any time in the day you can find. This can be a few verses or more. As they grow, you can continue to add to how much you read to them. This is also a great way to teach them how to sit and engage in a structured activity. This will teach them how to sit for sunday service, school, and other activities they will need through out the rest of their lives.

When do you read the Bible with your children? Leave your answers in the comment section below. This is a great opportunity to share some great ideas with other parents.

After you read as a family, ask them age appropriate questions. You can ask their favorite part of the story, what they learned, how they can use the lesson during their day, etc.

A great Bible for kids is the Jesus Story Book Bible. Unlike other children’s bibles, this one teaches kids that Jesus is the hero os EVERY story in the bible. It is easy for our children to get caught up with Noah and forget that God is the one that saved all of the people, sent His Son to save us, and gave Noah the heart to respond to Christ in the first place.

Post a story you have about reading the bible as a family, seeing your kiddo get into his/her bible, etc!


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