Do They Get It?

child reading a book

We will have hundreds and thousands of teaching opportunities for our kids through out their lives. The one question we will all face afterwards is do they get it?

How can we make sure our kids will retain what we are teaching them and use it in their lives? We can find ways to get their attention and teach them in fun and inventive ways. There are three main ways kids learn.

Visual: Does your kiddo tend to remember things better if you let him or her read the book, see a video, or see pictures? If so your kiddo may be a visual learner. When you want to teach your child something, try to use visual aides as much as possible. For example, hang up a chore chart, write verses on bright paper or with bright markers and hang them on the wall, find fun videos online that sing the songs of the bible, etc.

Auditory: Does your kiddo remember things better if you read a story out loud or by having a conversation about something? If so it looks like you have an auditory learner on your hands. Your child will retain information better if you read them a story aloud, you have them read their books out loud in their room, and you allow them to have a conversation with you on what they are learning.

Kinesthetic: Does your kiddo remember things by getting dirty and trying it out? This is a fun learning style and whether your child learns this way primarily or not, you will notice they retain information longer this way. One word: object lessons. Kids learn great through object lessons. Any time they can physically learn something, you will notice their interests are peaked and they have fun learning!

Instead of getting frustrated when your kiddo needs to learn the same thing over and over, find a way they can have fun and learn at the same time. It’s easy to get busy and forget that we can disciple our children while having fun!

Post a comment and tell us a fun way you have taught something to your child or share a resource that can help other parents!


One thought on “Do They Get It?

  1. One thing we did was when we were teaching our kids the Lord’s Prayer, we made up hand motions to go with it. (Actually, I made up the hand motions, and they were kind of ridiculous – not sure anyone but our family would be able to decipher them!) But it definitely made learning the Lord’s Prayer more fun for the kids, and then they would look forward to saying/singing it. Wish I could think of more stuff like that!

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