Ipads for Everyone?

With a title like this I bet everyone will read today’s post 🙂

Imagine this. It’s Sunday morning and Nate tells us the passage we will be covering. Timmy, our cute little imaginary character for this story, is eager to learn about the Lord and picks up his bible. Habakuk, where in the world is that in the bible. He starts flipping around trying to find it, but keeps missing it. He gets embarrassed and decides to put his bible down and color the rest of the service.


It is easy for kids to get discouraged when they can’t find something right away. Man it’s easy for adults to get discouraged quickly. How can we arm our children to help them know their bibles? Buy them all iPads??? In a techy’s dream, sure. In reality that won’t be happening any time soon. Don’t fret, we have a great resource for all of you!!

Go and check out this link. Books of the Bible Song Shannon Walker showed me this video for the kid’s class a few months ago and we have been using it ever since. It is a great video that puts the books of the bible to s catchy tune! It is very easy for kids to memorize.

One thing we have mentioned in this blog before is the fact that kids learn through repetition. Think about it… We have our kids make their beds every single morning, brush their teeth 2-3 times a day, apologize to their siblings every day, etc. If we have them do these things one time and quit, they wouldn’t be ingrained into their little hearts.

The bible should be the same way for our kids. They should get used to diving into God’s word every day. This will help them to become familiar with the Word, know how to use it, and be able to remember verses to tell others or use in their own lives.

As a family, sit down with your kiddos and sing this song with them. Do it once a week, every other day, once a day, twice a day, or any frequency that works for your family.

You can also check out Songs for Saplings. We use this in our toddler room every Sunday morning. Each song is a bible verse!

Let’s make it fun for our kids to learn God’s word!

Also, I did not stumble upon these GREAT resources on my own. I was referred to them by parents. Remember Children’s Ministry is made possible when the church body as a whole takes part in discipling our kids. That means families and singles join in and share resources, volunteer their time, help out with special events, offer to lead up a outreach opportunity, etc. It can’t be one person. We all need to band together!!!


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