How To Help Your Kids With Separation Anxiety

separation anxiety pic

1. Be Consistent: Kid’s thrive on routines! They feel safe and confident when they know the routine of the day; it’s the same with Sunday school. When things change in a child’s routine, they can quickly get thrown off and their nerves start going. It is much easier for a child to relax and have fun when they know what is going to happen.

How we do this: One thing our teachers try and maintain is a routine schedule during class. The schedule remains the same no matter what teacher is serving.

How you can do this: Try and attend service regularly and have your kids consistently attend Sunday school (nursery, toddler room, and kids class).

2. Help Ease the Transition:Do you know a few things that help your kiddo calm down at home? Such as a special blankey, their Batman toy, a snack…? If they have something that helps them to calm down, let the teacher know. We are a team so we need to make sure teachers and parents are partnering together.

How we do this: We will write this down on our sign in sheet so all volunteers will know in the future what works at home. We will also write down things that volunteers have done that have made the kiddos happy and the transition easier.

How you do this: Experiment. Try bringing different items from home each week and see what works. You can also try having the teachers give extra attention or no attention while they are crying. Let the volunteers know what you would like them to try.

3. Trust the Volunteers: It’s hard to drop your child off when you see their crocodile tears; however, it is harder for other kiddos when they see other parents coming and going repeatedly. Trust the volunteers. When you drop your kiddo off, give them a big hug and kiss, tell the volunteer to call you after a specified time if they don’t stop crying, and go to service. When you linger, it makes it difficult to allow the volunteers to do their thing and try to redirect them. Sometimes all your child needs is to be redirected and see how much fun they can have in class.

How we do this: Our teachers will honor their agreement with you. If you ask them to call you after ten minutes, they will do so.

How you can do this: If you want to check in on your kiddo, please do not walk to the building and do so. Ask the volunteer for their number and you can text them and they can let you know or send you a picture!


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