Teaching the Bible!


One of the new resources we are using in our children’s classrooms is Songs for Saplings. It’s a great CD for kids that puts bible verses to song! Our kiddos are starting to sing them back to the teachers! This got me thinking… Kids are way more receptive to learn while having fun!

I am always racking my brain on how I can teach my kiddos the bible. As I have mentioned earlier in my posts, it’s easy to put it off thinking, “Well, they don’t understand yet.” They can understand a lot more than you think! Here are a few resources you can to teach your little ones.

1. Bible verse CDs. If you’re feeling creative, sit down for a family worship night and make up your own! Try Seeds of Faith or Songs for Saplings

2. Practice. Check out this mama’s blog and find fun ways for kids to practice their verses! There are worksheets, matching games, and other fun printables.

3. Free hand! Give your kiddo a piece of paper. Have them write the verse on the top/bottom or write it for them. Talk to them about the verse and answer any questions they might have and then tell them to draw it! This is a great way to see how they are interpreting it.

4.  Token charts. Go out and buy some poster board and stickers. Every time your kiddo can recite a bible verse to you (without cheating of course!) they get one sticker. They put their stickers on the poster board and when they get a certain amount (make sure it’s an attainable amount) they can earn something big! It can be a special dinner, toy, date night with mommy or daddy, a park day, etc. Make it fun!


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