Training Children on Sunday Mornings


One thing I love about Sunday mornings is looking around to see all of the families!

We have all made a commitment as a church body. When we watch our pastors baptize our children, they ask us to make a commitment in standing alongside parents in raising their children as men and women in Christ.

Do you as a congregation undertake the responsibility of assisting the parents in the Christian nurture of this child?”

It’s easy to say yes when they ask us Sunday morning, but it means something much more when we actually walk out our commitment.

As a church body, we can look around and see new Christians, mature Christians, grandparents, parents, singles, kids, and friends. We all have something to offer within the body.

One thing we do at our church is teach and train parents to have their children attend services. Let’s stand together as a church and disciple our children so they can attend services, hear God’s word, and grow in their relationship with Him.

Here are a few things parents can do to disciple their children.

  1. BEFORE CHURCH: Sit your kiddos down before or on the way to church. Explain to them what their behavior should look like during service: using a whisper voice when the leaders are talking, standing during worship, praying together, taking notes, etc. This helps immensely because our kids know what’s expected beforehand.
  2. SERMON NOTES: As soon as you get to service, set your kiddo up with a bible and or sermon notes. This helps keep your children’s hands busy and helps them to follow along during service.
  3. TEACH: Take time throughout the service to explain what the different parts of worship are for and why we do it. During the call to worship, you can teach your children that God has invited us to be with him and to enjoy him. You can also pray silently with your children during confession and confess your sins together.
  4. REMINDER: Now that our kids know what we expect, we can hold them to it. If they start whining, talking to loudly, standing up, etc., we can remind them what they need to be going.
  5. STEP OUT OF THE SITUATION: If our kiddos continue to disobey, take them into the foyer. This shows your child, I’m serious and it breaks them away from the situation, which helps to make sure they are fully listening.
  6. DISCIPLINE: When our kiddos disobey, their needs to be a consequence.

It always helps to have a plan. It helps our kids to know what’s expected and it allows us to bring consistency when we already know what we need to do.

Here are a few things the church body can do to disciple children during service.

  1. GREET THEM: Children get excited to see their friends and family at church, just like we do! Make sure say hello to the kids before service and go find a few kiddos during our greeting time. This shows our kids they are a part of the church body and we love them.
  2. PARTNER WITH PARENTS: As you well know, kids are easily distracted. They are learning a lot of self-discipline by joining their parents in service. Partner with their parents by refraining to play with the kiddos next to you. It’s extremely tempting to tickle and make silly faces at little Johnny to your right; however, we need to allow them to focus on Jesus during service.
  3. PLAY: When service is over, play with the kids! Let’s reinforce them! They did great during service, tried hard to keep a quiet voice, and now it’s time to play!

We are excited, as a church body, to join with families and disciple our children!


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