There are so many things I want to teach my children about Christ. I want them to grow close to Him and have a desire deep in their bellies to know more about Him. What’s one way to teach them? Study the word with them daily. Here are a few verses on grace to reflect […]

Would you rather be served or be a servant?

        Today in School of Theology, we were talking to the kids about the different characteristics of God. They listed off all the different ways the bible describes Him: loving, kind, unchanging in His being, infinite, spirit, and forgiving. As they described Him, they told me it’s impossible to know everything about […]

Training Children on Sunday Mornings

One thing I love about Sunday mornings is looking around to see all of the families! We have all made a commitment as a church body. When we watch our pastors baptize our children, they ask us to make a commitment in standing alongside parents in raising their children as men and women in Christ. […]

Object Lessons

We’ve talked before on the Christ Church Kid’s Blog about teaching kids with hands on activities. Kid’s learn and maintain information much better when they can get their hands dirty! Here are a few object lessons you and your family can use to teach your kids about Jesus!   Nothing is impossible with GodHonestyArmor of […]

Teaching the Bible!

One of the new resources we are using in our children’s classrooms is Songs for Saplings. It’s a great CD for kids that puts bible verses to song! Our kiddos are starting to sing them back to the teachers! This got me thinking… Kids are way more receptive to learn while having fun! I am always racking […]

The Self-Esteem Culture

My family recently had an exchange student from France stay with them for about three weeks. He was surprised by many things here in the states. One thing that shocked him was our self-esteem movement. Nowadays adults are so worried about children’s self-esteem they always make sure everyone feels equally important no matter now much […]